This Sunday we'd like to welcome Rev. Ophelia Laughlin who will be our guest pastor while Pastor JJ is on vacation

Children's Sermon

Teaching the Faith in the Home

God has richly blessed parents, grandparents, and a rich array of loving care-givers with the responsibility of passing the faith on to the next generation. During the COVID-19 Pandemic we have temporarily suspended the Christian education ministries hosted in our facilities.

Nevertheless, your responsibility to teach our children and grandchildren remains. I encourage you to seek materials that can be easily accessed on line and used in your home while we are physically distant from one another.

Check out this website which automatically updates, so check back often 

Here you will find an array of materials that are renewed each week. These resources are based on our Church’s weekly Bible reading schedule. There are lessons, a “children’s sermon”, puzzles, coloring pages, and activities that can be printed and used in your home. These array of resources will support our newly developed weekly adult Bible self-study that we will post on the Living Waters website and the Sunday morning Word and Prayer videos.


Video from Cross Roads

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